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Zoorasia : Day Tour Across the Globe

A day at Zoorasia felt like a journey around the globe. After walking around Satoyama Garden, we walked across to see some animals. Maybe because of its location, I find this calming despite the crowd.

Zoorasia: Zoological Trip Around the World

Zoological Trip Around the World is the catch phrase of the zoo as found in its map brochure. True enough, walking around felt like that. The zoo has eight major areas based on habitat. We first went to the giraffes, zebras, and others animals from the African Savannah since we came from the North Gate. I noticed that the living areas of the animals are quite big and very similar to their natural habitat. The walking path is also filled with plants growing in such habitat that give the feeling of as if you were in the actual place.

Zoorasia Yokohama
Giraffe at African Savannah

Playful Zebras at Zoorasia

Children Can Try Camel Ride at Zoorasia

African Village Houses Serve as Rest Areas with Posters and Dioramas

A Replica of an Old African Train Station

The Jungle Camp at the African Rain Forest

Enjoying the Overlooking View of the Nature Experience Forest

From African Savannah to Asian Tropical Forest

After our African exploration, our feet led us to the Amazon Jungle. Here, we saw some bush dogs, woolly monkeys, and spectacled bear together with tropical huts and tall palm trees.

Palms and Tree Houses at the Amazon Jungle

Small pond at the Amazon Jungle as Part of the Mangrove Forest

The Amazon Center

Close by is the Japanese Countryside.. In this area, pine trees and bamboos filled both side of our pathways. Visitors enjoyed watching Japanese animals such as the cranes, black bear, red fox, and macaque enjoy the warm sun.

Experiencing the Japanese Countryside

Information Boards Placed All Over the Zoo Explaining the Living Habits of the Animals

Japanese Black Bear Warming Under the Sun

There is also a picnic area surrounded with Momiji or Japanese maple trees for people to enjoy especially in autumn.

Next to it is the Alass Valley featuring species from the Subartic forests and a walk-in bird cage.

The Alass Valley

The Polar Bear of the Subartic Forest

Exploring the Walk-in Bird Cage

After that, we walked to the Asian Tropical Forest and saw some Indian elephants, Malayan tapir, Bornean Orangutan, and Rotschild’s Mynah birds.

An Indian Elephant Enjoying the Water

About the Zoo

Zoorasia is open daily except Tuesdays from 9:30 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon. They open on Tuesdays if that day is a holiday and will be closed the following day. Entrance fee is at JPY800 for adults; JPY300 for high school students; JPY200 for elementary and junior high school students; and free for children 6 years and below. Please visit the zoo’s website for more information and how to get there.

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