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Yukiko no Kabin (Yukiko’s Vase)

Yukiko is our next door Japanese neighbor. She has always been of big help especially when we need assistance in filling up Japanese forms or understanding the notices sent to us by mail. Last Friday, she and her family moved to Fukushima. Her husband was assigned to work there. It has been a gloomy week for me, my husband, and our other friends. We will surely miss her and her son Keita a lot. Before she left, she gave me a gift. It was a pretty vase for Nageire arrangements (tall, cylindrical vase). She said that I should use it when making my Ikebana arrangement. I used to make an arrangement for her every Tuesday after my special lesson with our sensei.

As a sign of my appreciation to her and her friendship, I made an Ikebana using the vase she gave me. The vase has already some design on it but because of its color, it blends well with any color. It is also a bit large which is very useful for either small or big arrangement. For the flowers, I used orange, pink, and yellow Gerberas to remind us the cheerful, friendly, and kind Yukiko. The red roses on the other hand represents her grace despite some challenges as she attends to her role as a wife and a mother to Keita. To balance the height of the vase, I added some tall Sakura stems. The young leaves also represent their new life in Fukushima.

An Ikebana Dedicated to our Friend Yukiko


I know it is a bit late to do this arrangement since she is no longer here with us. She would not be able to see it personally but I hope the picture would compensate for the real one. And maybe in the near future, I can gain make an Ikebana for her.

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