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An Afternoon at Yanaka Ginza

Right after our trip to Germany and before going to the Philippines, I had about a week to enjoy the last days of summer in Tokyo. My friend, Bang was here for a short visit. Compared to her previous trips, this year we have decided for a more relaxed itinerary.

Hachiko and Nezu Shrine

My friend loves Hachiko and its story. When she first visited Japan, a photo with Hachiko in Shibuya was a must-to-do. As a new addition to her Hachiko experience, we went to Tokyo University Yayoi Campus to see the latest statue together with Dr. Ueno.

Hachiko together with Dr. Ueno at Tokyo University Yayoi Campus

Afterwards, we walked a few meters towards Nezu Shrine. There were not much people at the shrine that day. Hence, we were able to enjoy its serenity and beauty.

The Azalea Garden in summer

The Red Torii Gates of Nezu Shrine minus the crowd

Enjoying the serenity at Nezu Shrine

Exploring Yanaka Ginza and Nearby Places

From Nezu Shrine we braved the summer heat going to Yanaka Ginza. The word ginza is an old Japanese term for a shopping district. Here you can find a lot of small shops selling a variety of things.

Entering Yanaka Ginza from Sendagi

The main shopping street cannot be missed because of the the people looking around or sitting in front of the small restaurants enjoying the food and drinks. Its festive ambiance is adorned with souvenirs, home decos, apparels, and photos of celebrities who visited the place.

Food to try at Yanaka Ginza

Souvenirs from the Cat Town

A Haven for Green Tea Lovers

Colorful Turkish Mosaic Lamps

Have your own customized Hanko in less than 30 minutes

A Good Find for Second Hand Deco

The nostalgic Yukake Dandan Slope

A Mix of Old and New

Yanaka is also a good example of mixing historic and modern architecture. There are several old buildings which are renovated and turned into museums, cafes, or novelty shops.

After feasting our eyes and tummies at Yanaka Ginza, we explored the small road opposite Darjeeling Restaurant. And made a small detour at Yanaka Cemetery.

The Darjeeling Restaurant in Yanaka

Old and new blending well

The Kanonji Tsuji-Bei is a wall built by alternating mud and tiles during the later half of Edo Era

Passing through Yanaka Cemetery

And to cap our day under the summer sun, we enjoyed some cold locally-brewed beer at Ueno Sakuragi Atari. It is a small compound composed of three houses from Showa Era. The place is quite secluded and in the between Nippori and Ueno Stations. Easiest landmark would be the SCAI The Bathhouse, a contemporary gallery which is originally a local bathhouse from 200 years back.

In Front of Ueno Sakuragi Atari

Cold Yanaka Beer for the hot summer

SCAI The Bathhouse

Kayaba Coffee since 1938

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