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[82], Tunis is served by Tunis-Carthage International Airport, located 8 kilometers (5.0 mi) northeast of downtown, which began operating in 1940 under the name of Tunis El Aouina. Nisterstraße 4, 57627 Hachenburg, Germany. [84] In the 21st Century, the port of Tunis underwent further transformation with a marina as part of the redevelopment district of La Petite Sicile. It was completely rebuilt in 864 and is a prestigious place of worship, and was long an important place of culture and knowledge with the University of Ez-Zitouna on the premises until the independence of Tunisia. A regional gymnastics competition was held in Tunis in 1912 with the participation of thousands of French gymnasts. Bab Souika (initially known as Bab El Saqqayin) had a strategic role to keep the roads to Bizerte, Béja and Le Kef. Habib Thameur garden in Tunis has a central pond and flower beds. In addition, a series of satellite cities emerged on the urban rim and encroached on the municipality of Tunis proper. The creation of the French protectorate in 1881 was a turning point in Tunis's history, leading to rapid redevelopment of the city in the span of two to three decades. As for El Bab Bhar, it allowed access to some funduqs where Christian merchants lived in Tunis. This went on for a while until one of the pilgrims realized he was upset, he went up and greeted and talked to Ibn until he entered the city. [85] In this context, major road infrastructure (bridges, interchanges, roads, etc..) was initiated in the late 1990s to decongest the main areas of the capital. Tunis is the seat of the Diocese of Tunis, with the seat located at the Cathedral of St Vincent de Paul, The church was built in 1897 on the site of the old Christian cemetery of Saint-Antoine. [51] As in the rest of Tunisia, literacy in the region of Tunis evolved rapidly during the second half of the 20th century and has reached a level slightly higher than the national average. Winter is the wettest season of the year, when more than a third of the annual rainfall falls during this period, raining on average every two or three days. Auf der Couch in Tunis (OmU) Heute. Under French rule, a substantial number of Europeans settled (like the Tunisian Italians); half of the population was European in origin. Labidi nähert sich dem Land mit Wohlwollen, fast ein bisschen, als wäre sie selbst eine Therapeutin, die versucht, ihren Patienten zu verstehen. Hosted by Besser Welt als Nie. Al Hamra was one of the most famous theaters in the capital during the 1930s and 1940s. Auf der Couch in Tunis ist ein Spielfilm von Manele Labidi aus dem Jahr 2019. [78] The library moved to its current location on Boulevard 9 April in 1938. Elle est gérée par l'ambassade du Royaume-Uni à Tunis. This was the RTS (rapid rail network), the local equivalent of the Paris RER, which was to carry tens of thousands of travellers from the distant suburbs of Tunis to the centre by using either existing tracks or new tracks yet to be built. In its exposition halls it holds numerous traditional items, witnesses of the everyday lives of families of the Medina quarter. Charles, suffering losses from the corsairs operating out of Djerba, Tunis, and Algiers, agreed to reinstate Mulai Hassan in exchange for his acceptance of Spanish suzerainty. At its core lies its ancient medina, a World Heritage Site. Built in 1692, it resembles the Ottoman Süleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul. It is an historical drama depicting an affair between Alma Mahler and Walter Gropius, and the subsequent psychoanalysis of Mahler's husband Gustav Mahler by Sigmund Freud. The Carthage Film Festival is the oldest established film festival in Africa, running biennially until 2014 and annually thereafter. August 2020 Mo 10 Empfohlen 10. KinderKino: Michel in der Suppenschüssel. Heiratspläne schmiedet sie mit einem schwulen Freund. On 3 July 2018, the head of the Ennahdha list Souad Abderrahim was elected by the council as the new mayor of the capital. [54] Tunis has several large plains, the most productive are in Ariana and La Soukra (north), the plain of Manouba (west) and the plain of Mornag (south). The architectural heritage is also omnipresent in the homes of individuals and small palace officials as well as in the palace of the sovereign of Kasbah. Vorschlag . Ebenso unterhaltsame wie tiefsinnige Komödie über die Schwierigkeiten einer Rückkehr zu den eigenen Wurzeln und einen Zusammenstoß der Kulturen. At the time, the Sultan of Tunis was Abu Yahya and during Ibn Battuta's stay, the Festival of the Breaking of the Fast was taking place. Successive Husainid rulers made great progress in developing the city and its buildings. pin. [25] During the later 19th century, Tunis became increasingly populated by Europeans, particularly the French, and immigration dramatically increased the size of the city. Filmkritik "Auf der Couch in Tunis" – Psychotherapie auf arabisch Hauptinhalt. The economic structure of Tunis, as well as that of the country, is overwhelmingly tertiary industry. [52] The number of people living below the poverty line, falling at the national level, remains higher in urban areas. The main palace beys are those of La Marsa, Bardo and Ksar Said. The capital is also linked to its northern suburbs by the railway line that crosses the lake, dividing the lake into two. Hosted by Kinobar Prager Frühling. The city spilled outside the area of the earlier town and the banks of the lake, and the new districts were modernised with running water (1860), lighting gas (1872), roads, waste collection (1873), and communication with adjacent suburbs and the city centre. The Tunis area is served by the métro léger (Ar. Only the Bey of Tunis refused to comply, with the result that Blake's fifteen ships attacked the Bey's arsenal at Porto Farina (Ghar el Melh), destroying nine Algerian ships and two shore batteries, the first time in naval warfare that shore batteries had been eliminated without landing men ashore. The sunshine becomes dominant in May when it reaches 10 hours a day on average. Known as Tunis Sports City, it will expand around the lake of Tunis, on the road to La Marsa. Die deutsche Premiere war im Juli 2020. In addition, unemployment is high in young people aged 18 to 24, with one in three unemployed as compared to one in six at the national level. „Eine junge Psychoanalytikerin kehrt aus Paris in ihr Heimatland Tunesien zurück und will auf dem Dach ihres Hauses eine Praxis eröffnen. Kinobar Prager Frühling. For its part, the south light-rail line was extended in November 2008 to El Mourouj with a length of 6.8 kilometres (4.2 miles). Außerdem erfahren wir, warum sie gerne in Baumärkten unterwegs ist und wie sie ihren Mann nennt. pin. Products include textiles, carpets, and olive oil. Film Link | SD 480 | | HD 720 | | HD 1080 | | 4K ULTRA HD | Inhaltsangabe & Details. Sie findet genau den richtigen Ton, um von dem Land, in dem auch sie ihre Wurzeln hat, auf eine leichte, humorvolle Art zu erzählen - von den Sorgen wie von den kleinen Schrägheiten, von der noch traditionell geprägten älteren Generation wie von der westlich orientierten Jugend, die von Selmas feministischer Nichte Olfa repräsentiert wird. In dieser Ausgangssituation der Komödie “Auf der Couch in Tunis” von Regisseurin Manele Labidi steckt Sprengstoff – oder könnte zumindest darin stecken: Eine ganze Gesellschaft will Labidi dazu bringen, Seele und Herz zu öffnen. Dok.Film.Woche #1: Besser Welt als Nie. 14 – 28°C Partly Cloudy. The Palestine Liberation Organization also had its headquarters in Tunis, from 1982 to 2003. It took some time to run properly but soon organized meetings between the teams in schools. Different explanations exist for the origin of the name Tunis. Auf der Couch in Tunis Genre: Komödien Release Date: 2020-07-30 © © 2020 PROKINO FILMVERLEIH GMBH The medina contains most of the major mosques in the capital which were built before the advent of the French protectorate. The souks are a network of covered streets lined with shops and traders and artisans ordered by specialty. Auf der Couch in Tunis on Sep 9, 2020 in Herzogenaurach, Germany at Kirchenplatz St. Magdalena. "Auf der Couch in Tunis", das Spielfilmdebüt der französischen Regisseurin Manele Labidi, ist eine Hommage an die Heimat ihrer Eltern. Furthermore, along the boulevards, the contribution of the architectural period 1850–1950 can be felt in the buildings, such as the government buildings of the nine ministries and the headquarters of the municipality of Tunis. Inhaltsangabe: Nach dem Sturz des Diktators Ben Ali kehrt Selma (Golshifteh Farahani) aus Frankreich in … . Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Southwest of the Medina, on the crest of the hills across the Isthmus of Tunis, is the Montfleury district then on down to the foothills of Séjoumi, the poor neighborhood of Mellassine. Kino Monoplexx: Master Cheng in Pohjanjoki Kino Monoplexx: Master Cheng in Pohjanjoki Alte Gerberei, 20:00 favorite_borderfavorite Kino Monoplexx: Die schönsten Jahre eines Lebens Kino Monoplexx: Die schönsten Jahre eines Lebens Alte Gerberei, 20:00 favorite_borderfavorite Sound & Vision: Ronnie Wood - Somebody Up There Likes Me Société Tunisienne de l'Air, or Tunisair (Arabic: الخطوط التونسية ‎) is the flag carrier airline of Tunisia. Schauspielerin Ulrike Kriener berichtete auf der Blauen Couch bei Thorsten Otto, welche Höhen und Tiefen sie durchlitten hat mit der Kommissarin. Until independence, Sadiki College (founded 1875) and Khaldounia (founded 1896) were also among the most recognized. However, following the Battle of Lepanto in 1571, the Spanish under John of Austria succeeded in retaking the city and re-establishing the Hafsid sovereign in October 1573. Tunis is the heartland of the Tunisian economy and is the industrial and economic hub of the country, home to one third of Tunisian companies—including almost all the head offices of companies with more than fifty employees, with the exception of the Compagnie des Phosphates de Gafsa, headquartered in Gafsa—and produces a third of the national gross domestic product. The capital is home to a large number of mosques in various architectural styles, signs of construction of their respective eras. In the early 14th century, Hafsid Darba Abû al-Muhammad al-Mustansir Lihyânî ordered the construction of a second chamber including the Medina and two suburbs outside. Show NFO. Mongi Gharbi, « Trombes d'eau sur Tunis et certains gouvernorats du pays », "Les normales climatiques en Tunisie entre 1981 2010", "Réseau des stations météorologiques synoptiques de la Tunisie", "Tunis-Carthage Climate Normals 1961–1990", Constitution de la République tunisienne (Jurisite Tunisie),, Budget de la municipalité de Tunis pour l'année 2008 (Municipalité de Tunis), Arrondissements municipaux (Municipalité de Tunis), Population, répartition proportionnelle et taux d'accroissement par gouvernorat (Institut national de la statistique), Stratégie de développement de la ville de Tunis (Municipalité de Tunis), Fiche de présentation de la médina (Association de sauvegarde de la médina de Tunis), Entretien avec Jamila Binous sur la médina de Tunis (TV5), Promenade de Marie-Ange Nardi et Lotfi Bahri dans les souks de Tunis (TV5), "Contextuality, Contextualization, and the New Christians of Tunis", "Saudi Aramco World : The Musical Pulse of Tunisia", Musique et conservatoires (Municipalité de Tunis), "The Cultural Importance Of The Tunisian Carthage Film Festival", "The Carthage Film Festival celebrates its 50th birthday", Statistiques officielles (Ministère de l'éducation nationale), Chokri Ben Nessir, « Une véritable requalification routière ». In a very short time, the colonial city transformed rapidly. Tunesien hat sechs Jahrzehnte Diktatur hinter sich. In addition, various small theatres and cultural centres are scattered throughout the city and display various artistic performances. To punish the Zirids, he unleashed the Banu Hilal Arab tribe on Ifriqiya; a large part of the country was set to the torch, the Zirid capital Kairouan was razed in 1057, and only a few coastal towns, including Tunis and Mahdia, escaped destruction.

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