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Wisteria Watching at Kameido Tenjin

Wisteria is now one of the most-awaited season here in Japan next to sakura or cherry blossoms. From early May until June, lots of locals and foreigners visit Ashikaga Flower Park, Aichi, anf Fukuoka for a mesmerizing moment under the wisteria showers.


As part of our Golden Week escapades, my husband and I went to Kameido Tenjin in Sumida City to see these beautiful flowers. It was a sunny Friday afternoon hence, we decided to bike our way to the shrine.


Wisteria Festival at Kameido Tenjin

Even from a block or two, it was already noticeable where we should be heading due to the large number of people visiting that day. In front of the shrine compound were small kiosks selling a variety of snacks and drinks. After finding a space to park our bikes, we tried to squeeze our way to the shrine. The whole ground was almost filled with locals and foreigners who want to have a good photo with the wisteria. A lot of the flowers have already withered and fell, But at there are still enough for people to enjoy. Walking over the bridges was like a procession. But nevertheless, the beautiful wisteria made us busy and entertained.


Beautiful Wisteria Flowers at Kameido Tenjin


There was quite a long queue of people in front of the main shrine. So, we decided to have a look next time when it is not that crowded.


The Main Hall of Kameido Tenjin


Tokyo Sky Tree View from Kameido Tenjin


While waiting for our stamp book to be finished, we burned our time watching the turtles., kois, and birds in the ponds.

Life at the Ponds of Kameido Tenjin


Maybe next time I will visit again when the wisteria is in full bloom.

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