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Winter Sakura for Early Spring

Winter sakura may not be as popular as the usual cherry blossoms in spring. As early as Christmas, one can buy some of these blossoms in the flower shops. The flowers are a bit small and the color is lighter than the typical blooms we enjoy in April. While waiting for the sakura’s full bloom season here in Tokyo, these dainty flowers are gracing our local flower shops.


Winter Sakura Ikebana for Early Spring


Creating an arrangement using winter sakura is a bit challenging for me. They are very delicate flowers in terms of size and color. The petals have very pale pink gradient which is almost white from afar. And although they are mostly in cluster, the flowers are tiny and can easily be distracted if combined with other materials.


In my first arrangement, I used some winter sakura branches together with the flowers of the season – freesias, small alpine flowers, and lisianthus. The arrangement is a mix of kenzan and no-kenzan technique to recreate an image of a spring pond.


Winter Sakura Ikebana
Early Spring Pond


For my other arrangement, I placed some dark red carnations with light pink borders. They serve as a contrast to the light and delicate color of the winter sakura. At the bottom are a few stock leaves just to cover the kenzan and to keep the later winter early spring vibe.


Late Winter Chills

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