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Wind As Element in Ikebana

Wind..invisible to the eye yet gives a strong feeling to a person. Its cool breeze relaxes a tired soul while its strong blow gives fear to a vulnerable heart. It is also one of the elements that distinguish Ikebana from other flower arrangements. During the early stages of my Ikebana study, I learned that wind and space as an element are as important as the materials I use in making my arrangements. From the different angles that I need to master to creating lines and miniature landscapes, I always try to visualise how the wind would flow through my arrangements. With that, I learn how to give importance to space and how to mimic a blowing breeze.


Wind as this Week’s Ikebana Theme


For this week’s lessons I tried to create several Ikebana arrangements that highlight the beauty of the wind. I used different materials such as stems and leaves to be able to create lines and curves similar to its smooth flow.

For my first arrangement, I used willow stems, pink Sweet Pea flowers, and Mustard leaves. The fresh willow stems are very malleable. It can be bent and formed easily creating nice curves. Sweet peas on the other hand is very delicate to look at. It adds color to the arrangement but still keeps the whole arrangement light to look at. The mustard leaves is added to have a bit of mass.

wind 1
The Cool Breeze of the Wind through Willow Stems



Aside from willow stems, I also used Flax leaves for my two other arrangements. Like the willow, these leaves are also very good materials when creating curves and lines. They can be a great complementary when combined with flowers and other materials. However for my arrangements this week, I tried to highlight them as the star. Therefore, I only added a flower for each arrangement to complement the leaves.

wind 2
Imagining the Wind Flowing Through


wind 3
A Whirl Wind Adventure


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