Flowers and Ikebana

Willow Stems and Other Greens

Whenever I see a set of willow stems in my flower set, my mind starts to think how I can play with them. These stems are one of the good materials to use for creating shapes and lines. They are also malleable and easy to bend. Last week, we got a set of willow with young leaves. But compared to single stems, we had a thicker kind with several young stems.


Willow Stems Depicting Wind 


Using one of the topics in the new Sogetsu Book Five as my guide, I made an arrangement using only the shades of green. For my arrangement, I chose the willow as my center or main material. I added some Dracena leaves, Bird’s Nest ferns, and a Golden Rod not yet in bloom. The stems were bent a little to recreate an image of a blowing wind. While the wide broad leaves of the ferns gave some mass and solid background. The light green shades of Dracena leaves, on the other hand, add a little brightness to the whole arrangement.


willow ikebana
Ikebana using different shades of green





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