wildflowers in Tokyo
Flowers and Ikebana Our Slice of Tokyo

Wildflowers Along the River

A walk the rivers of Nakagawa and Arakawa has been a regular thing for me and my husband for some years now. Especially during this time when travelling is a challenge. From our house, it is less than 5 minutes to walk to Nakagawa riverside. The two rivers are beside each other separated by an artificial island with a highway road on top.

Depending on the weather and our mood, we would walk until Funabori Station then cross the bridge towards Komatsugawa. From there we walk along Arakawa River on our way back home via the next bridge.

The Wildflowers of Arakawa

On the average this route would take about 1.5 – 2 hours. However, it takes longer for us because of my sudden stops to take photos of the wildflowers along our way.

Fleabane Daisies Pop Above the Green Grass

Wildflowers of different heights, colors, and shapes blend beautifully as if they have been there forever.

Purple Honesty Flowers beside the Arakawa Lock Gate

Evening Primrose Upclose

Evening Primrose and Purple Clover Flowers Adorning the Steps

Dried Dandelions are as Beautiful

Tall Grass Shimmers as the Sun Goes Down

Red Poppies were Planted for Locals to Enjoy

Dainty Corncockles in Clusters Too

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