Flowers and Ikebana

White Flowers to Welcome the Summer

White flowers are a bit abundant these past few days. Temperature and humidity start to rise here in Tokyo. An indicator that summer is just around the corner. These white flowers somehow help ease the summer heat as they are very refreshing to look at. Last Tuesday, I have decided to highlight two white flowers for my Ikebana arrangements. I also added different shades of green to complement with the white color.


White Flowers in Ikebana

For my first arrangement, I used white Irises and Gladiolus together with a Dracena plant and some Spindle leaves. The Dracena plant and Spindle leaves have some white border which blended well with the two flowers. To give a light contrast, I added a few yellow baby’s breath. I used a tall bamboo vase to add to the freshness and coolness of the arrangement.


white flowers_1
White Flowers Placed in a Bamboo Container


Using the same materials, I made another arrangement in a low square container. The arrangement was inspired by an image of a Malaysian Mum stem from the lens of a Foldscope, an origami optical microscope. Click here to know the full story behind it.    

White Flowers_3
Ikebana Arrangement Inspired by a Foldscope Image of a Malaysian Mum Stem


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