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White Day in Japan

White Day is celebrated as Valentine’s Day for women mostly in East Asian countries like Japan, China, Republic of Korea, and Taiwan. Here in Japan, Valentine is celebrated mostly for guys. Women and girls make or buy chocolate sweets to give to the men and boys to show love, courtesy, or social obligation (known as giri-choco). In return, exactly a month after that, women receive white chocolates; jewelries; or cookies while young girls were given sweet rice pops, marshmallows, and sweets.

This day was first celebrated in 1978 started by the National Confectionery Industry Association as a response to Valentine’s day. Although this event is not originally a cultural celebration, it has become one of the country’s unique practices.

White Day gifts
Sweet Rice Pops and White Chocolate for Girls


Financier Cakes: My White Day Gift This Year

Since it is heavily raining outside, I decided to bake some financier cakes to give to my girl friends instead of buying ready made sweets. It was not so long ago when I first tried to make financier cakes. I got the inspiration from my friend Lois who is currently based in France. I chose to make these cakes for this day’s celebration because of its light color and the white powdered sugar that I need to sprinkle on top.

white day treats
Mini Financier Cakes with Raspberries for White Day


white day treats 2
White Day Treats for My Girls


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