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Where Did the Tunas Go?

A couple of months ago an alarming news about the death of more than 60 tunas at Tokyo Sea Life Park in Kasai Rinkaikoen. And despite various efforts, cause of death is still a mystery even to¬†researchers and aquarium caretakers. The tuna tank is one of the major highlights of the aquarium since it opened two decades ago. Under the aquarium’s breeding program, they aimed to save fishes and other sea animals which are endangered and near extinction. Before the sad incident, it catered to a number of bluefin, mackerel tunas as well as striped bonitos which were listed as endangered due to overfishing.

This is how the tuna tank in Tokyo Sea Life Park looked like sometime last year
This is how the tank looks at the moment – empty ūüôĀ

The concerning decrease of tunas especially those coming from the Northern Pacific Ocean has been a hot item for almost a decade now but this incident in Tokyo Sea Life Park has somehow heightened the possibility of tuna to become extinct, especially bluefins, in the very near future.  A once filled with humongous fishes swimming in unison is now a sad empty space.

Tokyo Sea Life Park intensifying its campaign about saving the endangered big fish.


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