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Weekends in Nishi-Kasai : Parks and Other Things

Weekends in Nishi-Kasai are great especially when the weather is beautiful.  It is the time when I can spend some leisure time with my husband allowing us to explore and enjoy Japan. But it doesn’t always mean that we immediately hop on the train and join the hustle and bustle of the crowd admiring different cities or tourist spots. Sometimes we make a bike tour around our area or have picnic with friends.

Weekends in Nishi-Kasai : What to Do and Where to Go

While we were biking along Arakawa, we saw these beautiful poppies near the river coast.
Shinsui Park in Seishincho: One of my favorite biking routes
Last year we celebrated my birthday in Shinsui Barbecue Day Camp
Fun scene at Shinsui Barbecue Camp
Picnic and kite flying in Kasai Rinkai Park

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