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A Week at Crimson Paradise

Changing our hotel to Crimson was a great choice. Coming from my Monday class a few weeks ago, my husband welcomed me at home with “Let’s go to Cebu!” The following day, I found myself consulting my friend Bernadette about flights, hotels, and itinerary. Through her agency, Discover Fun Travel, we were able to finalize things in a week’s time.  


She booked us at Crimson Resort and Spa in Lapu-Lapu City. When we first saw some photos online, we immediately fell in love with the place. And no, I will not earn from this article. I am just a very satisfied client sharing our wonderful experience.


Enjoying Summer Crimson-style


Although it is near the airport, the place is very serene and calming. As we walked to the lobby for check-in, a majestic view welcomed us.


The Awesome Infinity Pool of Crimson


We stayed in one of the two-storey buildings strategically located near the entrance of the hotel and the beach.


Our home while we were in Cebu


Inside our room at Crimson Resort and Spa


Our Daily Coco News


Along the pathways are a variety of lush green plants scented with white Plumerias. Walking at night was also enjoying because of the lovely lamps that lighted our way.


Lovely Walks at Night


Every morning, we enjoyed sumptuous breakfast at the resort’s Saffron Cafe. We enjoyed a variety of western and asian breakfast with lots of fresh fruits and freshly-made smoothies.


Ending My Daily Hearty Breakfast with Mango Danish


We tried not to pack our days with trips outside the resort so that we would have a lot of time to enjoy the pool and the beach. I personally enjoyed snorkelling at the beach. There were a lot of damselfish and parrot fish. On our last day early in the morning, I had an hour or so feeding a school of sardines. I was like a child enjoying more than a hundred of sardines swimming in circle around me. Next time I must have an underwater camera with me.


Snorkelling and other fun water activities at the beach


Relaxing with the Moon and Stars


We were fortunate to have a very good weather while we were in Cebu. At night, we enjoyed watching the bright moon and stars while sipping some mojitos. The lights at beach and pool areas were enchanting and calming at the same time.


Quiet and calming nights


The pool after sun down


Chillin’ at Azure Beach Club


Enjoying our mojitos under the stars


Aside from their gorgeous facilities and to-die-for views, the resort staff also made our stay very comfortable. All of them were very courteous, cheerful, and helpful.

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