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Villa Escudero : Enjoying Life Away from the City

I have always been curious about Villa Escudero. I read a lot about the place from local and foreign travel blogs. However for some reason, going there seem like forever for me. It is located in Tiaong, Quezon which is about 3-4 hours drive from Makati on normal traffic. Since I live on the other side of Manila, for me it would be about double the travel time. But fate has its own ways.

A few weeks ago, my friends and I went to Biñan, Laguna for the turnover of our KIDS DREAM Cart. We did not expect that we will finish very early. We reached our target school about 8:00 am and before 9:00 am we were done with the turnover. With a lot of time at our disposal, we did a quick research on nearby places we can visit. Our options include: malls, lakes, and fruit picking. After a few minutes of deliberation, we have decided to go Villa Escudero. (I know it was not in our options).


Villa Escudero Day Trip


From Biñan, it took us about two hours and a half going to the villa. Why? Because we first passed by SM San Pablo for a quick shopping. It was an impromptu trip hence, we needed to buy some towels and change of clothes. From the main road, tall coconut trees and various shades of green welcomed us as we drove to the reception hall.


Reception Hall of Villa Escudero


A Rural Life Scene in front of Villa Escudero’s Reception Hall


Remnants of the War at Villa Escudero


Museum of Villa Escudero


Upon paying our fees for a day tour. We immediately headed to Waterfalls Restaurant for lunch. We enjoyed a sumptuous Filipino buffet while our feet relax in the refreshing water.


Our Ride going to Waterfalls Restaurant


Enjoying Filipino Food at the Waterfalls Restaurant


Top View of the Waterfalls Restaurant


Then we had a brief stop at the Coconut Pavillon to see the cultural show.


Enjoying a Traditional Muslim Dance at Villa Escudero


We also had some time to explore the area by bicycle. Touring around reminded me of the countryside places I visited when I was a child. The whole place was very serene and calming.


Visiting the Church Inside Villa Escudero’s Compounds


Countryside Ambiance at the Villa


The Rafting Area


Kids Section of the Villa’s Pool Area


A Brief Tour at San Pablo City


Before heading back to Makati, we made a quick drive to see San Pablo City to see Sampaloc Lake. The lake is largest among the seven lakes of San Pablo. One of our friends used to live in the area. She said that this place has a great view at sunset. Although we arrived after sunset, the view was spectacular on its own.


Sampaloc Lake at Sundown


As for our fruit picking, we ended up picking rambutan and lanzones at the fruit stands along our way.


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