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Umihotaru and Blueberries

Umihotaru is a man-made island located in the middle of Tokyo Bay. It serves as a rest area for drivers who use the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line going to Chiba from Kawasaki and vice-versa. Umi means sea while hotaru means firefly. Sea firefly is a luminous crustasea mostly living in Tateyama Bay of the southern Boso Peninsula. Like the insect, Umihotaru brightens Tokyo Bay at nighttime.

Last Saturday, my husband and I went to Umihotaru with some friends. From Nishi-Kasai we drove to Kawasaki City going to the Kawasaki-Ukishima JCT/Ukishima IC where the entrance to Tokyo Bay Aqua  Line is. It is a bridge-tunnel highway which connects Kawasaki City and Kisarazu, Chiba. Before if people wants to go to Chiba, they need do drive across Tokyo for around 90 minutes. Travel time  was reduced to 15 minutes when the Aqua Line opened.

Umihotaru 10
Driving Inside Tokyo Bay Aqua Line Tunnel


Exploring Umihotaru

Nowadays Umihotaru is not only for drivers who want to rest. More people are now visiting the island because of its scenery and ambiance. We reached the island around lunchtime but we were fortunate that it was not too sunny when we got there. Although it is a bit cloudy, we were able to enjoy looking at ships and boats around the island.


Umihotaru 11
Famous Japanese Water-Related Paintings Mounted on Rocks


Umihotaru 13
The Umihotaru Parking Building


Umihotaru 12
Umimegane: The Technical Museum of Tokyo Bay Aqua Line


Umihotaru 14
1:300 Scale Model of Umihotaru


Umihotaru 15
The Tunnel Emergency Slide Model


The Cutting Shield of the Tunnel Boring Machine


Umihotaru 2
At the Deck of Umihotaru


Umihotaru 18
Wooden Sculptures for Photo Ops


Umihotaru 4
Cargo Ships and Small Fishing Boats  Around the Island


Umihotaru 5
View of the Bridge Going to Kisarazu, Chiba from the Deck of Umihotaru


At the moment, the island celebrates the new Godzilla. The island was one of the major places of the 2016 Godzilla movie.

Umihotaru 19
Information board about Godzilla


Umihotaru 3
Godzilla’s Footprints


Umihotaru 7
Scale Model of Godzilla inside the South Cabin


Umihotaru 20
Panel Exhibition About Godzilla Movies


Umihotaru 22
Commemorative Door Curtain of the Famous Kanagawa Waves with Godzilla


Umihotaru 24
Joining the Godzilla Stamp Search!


On the fourth and fifth floor of the island building are some shops and restaurants for people to enjoy. There is even a Starbucks for coffee lovers. The only one located on the sea.

Umihotaru 6
A Beautiful Painting at the Fifth Floor of the Island


Umihotaru 16
Unagi for Lunch!


Umihotaru 17
Fresh Seafood from Kisarazu


Umihotaru 21
Novelty Shops for Souvenirs and Sweets


Umihotaru 25
Local Delicacies and Fresh Produce from Chiba are Available too


Umihotaru 23
Game Center for Kids and Kids-at-Heart


Blueberry Picking and Countryside Scene

After spending some fun time at the island, we went to Kisarazu for blueberry picking. I was so excited because it was my first time to do such plus I got sad when my own tree had only one blueberry this year. The birds ate the young fruits 🙁

Kisarazu is facsinating! A lot of greens, old houses, and has several fruits farms. Before heading to the farm, we made a short stop at Makuta Station. This is the main station for people who want to visit the blueberry farms in this area. It is also famous for horse jockeys and horse racing enthusiasts. Makuta means “a horse is coming” ma-is derived from the word “uma” which means horse and “kuta” means coming. Near the entrance of the station, some locals give good luck charm or omamori for good luck. We also met the captain of the station!


Umihotaru 26
The Entrance of Makuta Station


Umihotaru 27
Makuta Station Captain


From the station, it was we drove to the blueberry farm for 10 minutes or so. It was very refreshing to see a lot of trees and rice fields along the road. There were traditional houses with nice gardens too. The farm where we went was the Blueberry Farm Norari Kurari. With an entrance fee of JPY1,000 per person, we were able to enjoy fresh organic blueberries to our hearts’ content! And what it made more fun is that we were the only group at that time. We enjoyed the whole farm undisturbed.


Umihotaru 32
The Facade of Blueberry Farm Norari Kurari


Umihotaru 28
The Farm’s Cafe



Umihotaru 9
On our Way to Pick Organic Bliueberries


Umihotaru 30
Brief Introduction of the Trees and Recommended Measures before Actual Picking

We tried a berry or two from each and all trees searching for the sweetest ones. It was very interesting to know that each tree has its own unique flavor depending on its variety, location, and exposure to the sun.

Umihotaru 29
Enjoying Blueberries Everywhere!


After our berry picking, each of us had a small pack to take home.


Umihotaru 33
Our Free Take Home


Umihotaru 34
Pre-picked Berries in Half-Kilo Packs are Also For Sale


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