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Typhoon Vongfong: Beauty Amidst the Storm

Typhoon Vongfong. Yesterday was again a challenge for Japan as the said typhoon hit the country with its strong wind and heavy rainfalls. Although the rain stopped this morning and sun is brightly shining, the strong wind is still making difficult for me to even open my door. As my friend and I biked our way to Seishincho Community Centre for our Ikebana class, we were almost blown away by the strong blow of the wind.

For today, my arrangements were inspired by today’s weather – strong and scary wind yet sun shiny day.. This is my way of interpreting typhoon in a good way. Most of the time, when people hear about the word typhoon, fear and sadness first come to mind. Fear of the possible detrimental aftermaths brought by the typhoon to the people and the economy. Sadness for the families that suffer and die.  And most of the time, people forget that after the dark and gloomy day comes the shining sun. For my arrangements, I used pastel colors to reflect the beautifully bright day while the leaves imitate the ravaging gust. I was fortunate to have some palm leaves which reminds of my home country, the Philippines. Every year, it experiences more than 10 typhoons. But still people try hard to survive and to smile one typhoon after the other.

Typhoon Vongfong: Beauty Amidst the Storm
Pink Gladiolus, Blue Gentians, and White Larkspurs Covered with Ti Leaves


Typhoon Vongfong: Beauty Amidst the Storm
Ravaging Wind: White Lisianthus, purple Asters, and light green Wool flowers covered with palm leaves that depicts the strong wind brought by Typhoon Vongfong.

 Note on Featured Image: Okinawa hit by Typhoon Vongfong source:

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