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Tuesday Ikebana : Experimenting and Playing Day

Tuesday Ikebana is a mix of experimenting and playing for me. It is also my way of meditating especially in times when I need to clear my mind. Since I started learning the Japanese flower art back in 2012, my Tuesdays are mostly for that. In the morning I go to Seishincho Community Center here in Edogawa for our regular lesson. Through my teacher and with the books as my reference, I learn variousIkebana principles and methods. I also learn different styles and techniques of arranging and cutting by looking at the works of my fellow students. Likewise, not knowing what materials we will have in our flower set enhances our creativity and adaptability. It helps me to think of a design using whatever is available in front of me.


After lunch, I have special lessons with my teacher. It is during this time that I have the chance to experiment. I get to choose the materials I want to use with the design I want to make. If I have an upcoming exhibition or event, I use this time consulting and practicing with my sensei.


Click here to see some of my works for Tuesday Ikebana.


Latest Arrangements for Tuesday Ikebana


As usual last Tuesday we had our regular Ikebana class. It was the last class we had before summer break. Our flower set contained Bird’s Nest leaves, Agapanthus flowers, small sunflowers, roses, and palm leaves. It was my first time to work on Agapanthus. And that made me excited because I taught about trying it out for just a few days before our class. Below are the arrangements I made using the said materials.


The first photo is the arrangement I made during our regular class at the community center. I chose the urn-shaped ceramic vase as my container because of its rustic design. I kept the natural forms of the palm and the Bird’s Nest leaves to make the whole composition look bigger.


Palm and Bird’s Nest leaves together with roses, small sunflowers, and Agapanthus.


The second and third photo, on the other hand, are the arrangements I did during my special lesson in the afternoon. I used the same materials to make different compositions. My first composition reflects tropical summer with the palm leaves as main materials. The light color of the roses and the sharp color of the small sunflowers give good contrasting highlights.


Tuesday Ikebana Anna Budich
Tropical Summer Ikebana using Palm leaves, Roses, and Sunflowers


My next arrangement highlights the beautiful straight lines of Agapanthus flowers in contrast to the curves and mass of the Bird’s Nest leaves. I also added light yellow and dark orange-green San Francisco leaves for color interest.



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