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Tryin’ the Gel Nail Art

First was the regular polish nail art then we levelled up to gel nail. This is the second time that I accompanied my friend Jezza as she took her license exam for nail art. Same as the first one, she is the nailist and I am her model. But this time the venue was in Oimachi, a station away from Shinagawa via Kehin Tohoku Line. But compared to last time, we were scheduled in the morning, very early in the morning…

The Gel Nail Exam in Japan

04 June, Saturday. At eight in the morning, Jezza and I were already on our way to Oimachi which is roughly an hour away by car. We arrived in Oimachi a bit early than the required time so we needed to wait in front of the building together with the other participants. At exactly 9:50 am, we were allowed to enter the building and proceed to our assigned floor. Compared to the Polish Nail Art exam, there were less people who took the exam that day. Maybe because some were assigned to other venues.

We started with the normal cleaning and filing of nails for about 30 minutes. Then we had a break for 5 minutes to clean up the working table. After that we proceeded to the nail polishing and design for about an hour. For this exam, only the fingers on my right hand needed to have gel nail. Jezza put the regular polish on the left fingers. It was a dragging moment for me as I tried to stay awake while she carefully apply the polish on my nails. The good thing about gel nail is that it dries quickly after putting it under a UV light for some seconds.

After the application exam, I stayed for another 30^40 minutes for the evaluation. This time, there were seven (7) people who looked at my nails and graded Jezza’s work. I am just a model but I think I was as nervous as Jezza during the evaluation. The ladies who looked at my nails were quite hard to read. It is not easy to know whether they approve her work or not because of their poler faces.

AB_GEL Nail_3
Last Saturday’s Gel Nail Exam was held in a Beauty School in Oimachi, Shinagawa


AB_Gel Nail_4
First Time to Enjoy Gel Nail


AB_Gel Nail_5
Jezza and Me after the Exam

As we went back home, I was thankful that her husband picked us up. I was able to get some nap on our way home. It was a hard morning but a fun and memorable one.

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