Flowers and Ikebana

Tropical Plants for the Japanese Flower Art

Tropical plants are rare gems. At least from where I am at the moment. Back then, I just see them growing from our garden. Sometimes I secretly cut them from our neighbor’s. Little did I know that I will be excited to see them in botanical gardens and in our Ikebana flower set.


Last Tuesday, our flower set at Seishincho Ikebana class included light green Anthuriums and red orange Bromeliad flowers. Two tropical plants that my mom used to grow. In an instant, I was brought back to my childhood days in the Philippines.


Tropical Plants in Ikebana


For this week’s Ikebana, I made two arrangements that highlight the anthuriums and bromeliads. First, I tried to use all fresh materials in our flower set without losing focus on the two materials.


Preparing for Summer with Tropical Plants


Then for the second arrangement, I limited my materials to three.  I used anthuriums and bromeliad and a few peony leaves. This is to feature the beautiful lines of the anthurium in contrast to the bright voluminous bromeliads.


Tropical Plants in Ikebana
Anthuriums and Bromeliads for Summer Ikebana

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