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Tokyo Parks for Autumn Viewing

There are a lot of Tokyo parks to visit when in Japan. Each has its own unique feature that goes well for every season. While most tourists from abroad visit Japan to see the sakura in spring, the changing colors of the leaves are as fascinating. For this year, my husband and I were able to visit a few parks in Tokyo which are popular for autumn viewing.


Tokyo Parks to Visit for Koyo (Autumn Viewing)

Koyo or autumn vieiwing is one of the traditions that my husband and I have adopted for a few years now. Around mid-November until mid-December, we go to difficult places to see the leaves in warm hues. Here are a few from our list:


1. Showa Kinen Park, Tachikawa


This vast green space can be enjoyed all throughout the year. It gives different pleasure for every season. We first visited this park for their hydrangea display in summer. I especially like the momiji trees planted around the Waterfowl Lake and inside the Japanese Garden.


The Waterfowl Lake at Showa Kinen Park


Walking around Waterfowl Lake


Red Momiji at the Iris Garden


Enjoying Autumn Colors at Showa Kinen Park


Inside the Park’s Japanese Garden


Red Momiji Trees Surrounding the Pond at the Japanese Garden


The park is also famous for its Gingko Avenue near Tachikawa Entrance Gate. The trees are planted on both sides of a canal with a  huge beautiful fountain on the other end.


Walking Towards the Gingko Avenue from the Waterfowl Lake


Under the Gingko Trees


2. Rikugien Garden, Komagome


This park is popular because of its landscape. Its main feature is a pond surrounded by manmade hills and forest-like greenery. In Autumn, influx of people patiently wait in line to see the park’s illumination.


A Portion of Rikugien’s Central Pond at Daytime


Exact Place as Above Turns Golden when the Sky becomes Dark


Admiring the Illuminated Trees at Rikugien’s Central Pond on Our Way Back to the Entrance Gate


This year locals and foreign visitors get to enjoy its mystic forest as they walk from the central pond back to the main entrance gate.


The Mystic Forest


The Blue Color Makes It Look Magical


The Lighted Trees of Rikugien


Momiji at Night


3. Shinjuku Gyoen, Shinjuku


As one of the big open space in the middle of Tokyo’s urban jungle, this park has a lot to offer the whole year round. On weekends, young and old enjoy its open green space as well as the various flower beds spread in different parts of the park.


Shinjuku Gyoen in Autumn


During the first two weeks of November every year, beautiful Chrysanthemum flowers are on display. It boasts its special variety of these flowers wherein a single plant bears more than 200 flowers.


Tokyo Parks for Autumn
The Ozukuri Bed is an Original Style Developed by Shinjuku Gyoen Whrein One Root Produces Hundreds of Flowers


The Single Stem that Produced 500 Flowers Above


A Samurai in Chrysanthemum Clothes Welcome the Guests at Shinjuku Gyoen


4. Takao-san, Hachioji


The month of November is Momiji Festival at Mt. Takao. Due to its proximity to central Tokyo, this place can be crowded with visitors who wish to get some fresh air and do some day hike. There are several hiking paths to choose from and each of them give a unique perspective of the place. At the peak, hundreds or maybe even thousands of people get to enjoy autumn colors while having some picnics.


The Colorful Momiji Trees of Mt. Takao


A Quick Stop Before Heading to Mt. Takao’s Peak


Admiring the View Around Mt. Takao


Our Hike is Not Complete without a Sip of Warm Sake on Top of Mt. Takao


Almost every year, we visit Mt. Takao for our autumn hike. This year, we also enjoyed some traditional performances in front of the cable car station.


First Time to See a Bunraku Performance at Mt. Takao


For our friends who wish to visit Japan soon, hope I was able to give you some good ideas for your upcoming Autumn adventures!




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