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Todoroki Valley : Wilderness in the City

Todoroki Valley is a sweet escape away from the busy life in the metropolis without going too far from it. In search of places to explore during Golden Week minus the clamour, my husband and I went to this gorge for an afternoon walk.

From Nishi-Kasai it was about an hour and a half to Todoroki Station by train. The moment we got off from Oimachi train, the quaint vibe welcomed us. From the station, going to the gorge is just a few steps away.

Exploring Todoroki Valley

The entrance to the gorge is beside the Golf Bridge. The name was derived from an old golf course nearby during Showa era.

View of the Gorge from Golf Bridge

Todoroki Valley
Temperature Difference Outside and Inside the Gorge

Walking down towards the river is a bit steep and tends to get crowded with people taking photos of the popular red bridge. I find the pathways along Yazawa River quite narrow especially with people coming from the opposite way. So, be careful not to fall.

Golf Bridge Todoroki Valley
The Gold Bridge

Both sides of the river are filled with towering trees with lots of ferns at the bottom. Being the only gorge in Tokyo, it has its own microclimate suitable for palms, bamboos, ferns, and other shadow-loving plants.

Brief Stops Along the Gorge

The whole course took us less than 45 minutes with brief stops at Todoroki Fudosan, the secret tomb site, and the Japanese Garden.

A Refreshing Site while Walking along Yazawa River

One of the Tunnel Tombs Found at the Gorge

Todoroki Valley Falls
The Dtagons of Todoroki Falls

Todoroki Fudosan

Small Shrines Here and There

Japanese Garden at Todoroki Valley
Enjoying the Sun at the Top of the Japanese Garden

The Cliffside of the Japanese Garden

bamboo Forest Todoroki Valley
Loving the Mini Bamboo Forests at Todoroki Valley

Contemporary Urban Space

From the valley, we walked a little further going to Futako-Tamagawa Park via Tamagawa Recreation Ground. That day was warm and very sunny. However, walking at this green corridor was fun because of the wild meadow flowers .

Tamagawa Recreational Ground on a Sunday

Meadow Flowers at Tamagawa Recreational Ground

When we reached Futako Tamagawa Park, there were a several families and group of friends having picnics, exploring Tama River, or just doing some sun bathing.

Kids and Kids-at-Heart Exploring Tama River

The park is very contemporary as well as its Japanese Garden. Walking around the garden is very relaxing because of the sound of water coming from different heights.

Walking Around the Central Pond of Futako Tamagawa Park

 Todoroki Valley day trip
Wisteria-Covered Pathways at the Modern Futako Tamagawa Community

A little further is the a mixed complex of high rise residential buildings, shopping center, and restaurants. We enjoyed watching a live jazz band performance and checking some of the shops particularly Tsutaya Electrics.

Jazz Music for Sunday Chill

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