Wanders and Flowers

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March Flowers for the Ladies and Little Girls

March flowers are a mixture of late winter and early spring blossoms. Fragrant narcissus warms the cold winds of winter while delicate peach blossoms start to welcome spring. Along side are sweet peas, tulips, and freesias painting the greens with pastel and bright colors.   March flowers are also for the ladies and little girls as the month is a celebration of their grace, beauty, and vitality. Here in Japan,.. Read More

White Day in Japan

White Day is celebrated as Valentine’s Day for women mostly in East Asian countries like Japan, China, Republic of Korea, and Taiwan. Here in Japan, Valentine is celebrated mostly for guys. Women and girls make or buy chocolate sweets to give to the men and boys to show love, courtesy, or social obligation (known as giri-choco). In return, exactly a month after that, women receive white chocolates; jewelries; or cookies while young.. Read More