Wanders and Flowers

because the world is beautiful...

Sweet Peas and Edible Greens from the Fourth Floor

This time of the year is hard for all of us. With the coronavirus dominating globally, we all feel like fish inside a glass bowl. Going outside is limited to running some errands like buying food or finding a roll of toilet paper. Instead of catching up with travels from previous weeks or months, I would like to share updates from our balcony garden. Over the years since I moved.. Read More

Balcony Blooms

Our balcony this year has been very cooperative. Weather here in Tokyo is a bit weird but still our small garden managed to survive. It even surprised us with beautiful blooms! And because the weather is mostly sunny and warm, my fishes are out to play!   White roses! Yes, they are in plural form because two beautiful roses are now the center of attraction of our balcony.  I was checking pictures of.. Read More

Garden in My Ikebana

Garden? I myself was surprised that I can actually have one here in Tokyo. As I mentioned in my previous posts about my garden, I do not really have a green thumb. Growing plants especially from seeds has always been and still a great challenge for me. However, studying Ikebana has encouraged me somehow to try my best. My initial intention was to have access to materials for my Ikebana especially.. Read More