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Hiroshima : A Summer Well Spent

On board Nozomi N700 Shinkansen (bullet train), my husband and I headed to Hiroshima last Monday for a three-day holiday spree. Finally we were able to set a common time to have our week-long vacation together. We chose Hiroshima because of its history, relaxing environment, and a lot of interesting sightseeing spots. Hiroshima in Summer  We reached Hiroshima city around lunchtime but since we were too early to check-in in our.. Read More

Reminiscing: Ueno, Why Do I Love Thee?

If there are places in Japan that I will not get tired of visiting, Ueno will be on my top three. I just love this place especially the areas around and near the main train station. It’s anything and everything in Ueno – shrines, temples, parks, museums, food, shopping centers, karaoke bars, izakayas, pubs, etc. During the old times, Ueno serves as a nodal point for business, economy, and travel.. Read More

First Time in Japan? Here’s Your Sole Sisters Guide

This is a repost of an article that I contributed in We are Sole Sisters, an all-women blog dedicated for travel enthusiasts.  When we speak of anime, manga, and cherry blossoms we only think of one good place where to find them- Japan! Over the years, this country never failed to awe us with its exquisite and one of a kind beauty and adventure. Just recently, the Japanese government released a.. Read More