Wanders and Flowers

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Tokyo Imperial Palace: Behind the Walls

Tokyo Imperial Palace is one of the must-see places when touring Japan particularly Tokyo. It is a vast green space at the heart of the country’s financial and government district, just a few blocks outside Tokyo Station. Every new year, the palace ground becomes crowded as people fall in line to see and hear Emperor. On ordinary days, visitors can only access the Imperial East Garden and the Kokyo Gaien. Both are outside the.. Read More

Sakura Viewing in Nishi-Kasai

Sakura viewing is one of the much-awaited events in Japan. This is the time when influx of people from all over the world visit the country to have a glimpse of the cherry blossoms in full bloom. Every year, between last week of March until second week of April, the whole country transforms into a beautiful and festive scenery. Major roads and tourists spots were planted with hundreds of cherry trees for.. Read More

2015 Highlights: A Year Full of Adventures

2015.. Just a few days ago I was so excited to say good bye to you. But today, I am already missing you. We made so many happy memories together; faced a lot of challenges; and met a lot of nice people along the way. As I try to figure out what I should do with 2016, let me first look back to some of our fun memories. 1. A.. Read More

The Hidden Treasures of Kamakura

We thought we have seen most of Kamakura – the Great Buddha, the beach, and its rich heritage and history. But we did not expect that we will see a different Kamakura from yesterday’s trip with two of my evening English class students. Very early in the morning yesterday, my husband and I were already on our way to Tokyo to take and early trip to Kamakura. We met Yoshi and.. Read More

Goldfish Festival in Nishi-Kasai

The Goldfish Festival is an annual event in Nishi-Kasai in line with the Sea Day holiday. For over a century now, Edogawa City has been known as one of the best goldfish breeding districts.  Every year, breeders showcase different types of goldfishes most to sell or just for people to see. Prices vary depending on the breed. You can buy for as low as 300 yen or as high as 50,000.. Read More