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Disaster Preparedness Measures in Edogawa

Disaster preparedness and recovery is one of Japan’s strong points. It is a  country that is highly vulnerable due to its geographical location. But due to the efforts of the government and its people, detrimental effects of disasters particularly earthquakes are lesser. No wonder others  especially those from neighboring countries look up to the Japanese practices when it comes to disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM).   Disaster Preparedness Campaign in Edogawa.. Read More

Tryin’ the Gel Nail Art

First was the regular polish nail art then we levelled up to gel nail. This is the second time that I accompanied my friend Jezza as she took her license exam for nail art. Same as the first one, she is the nailist and I am her model. But this time the venue was in Oimachi, a station away from Shinagawa via Kehin Tohoku Line. But compared to last time, we were.. Read More

Lost in Tokyo

Lost.. I literally got lost two weeks ago in Tokyo! I was on my way to submit my passport to an authorised Canadian liaison office in Minato-ku, Tokyo but it took me sometime to find their building. After my 5-minute transaction at the said office, I still have more than 3 hours to burn before going to Hikawadai for my class. I decided to continue being lost instead… Since Tokyo Tower.. Read More

Bonsai Museum: Century-Old Trees in Pots

The Bonsai Museum or Shunkaen Bonsai Museum is located in Niihori, Edogawa City. I have heard and read about it long time before but it was only yesterday that we were able to visit it. We both don’t have work since Japan is celebrating its National Foundation Day and the accession of its first emperor. And because the weather was nice yesterday, we decided to go there by bike to enjoy the scenery. The museum is.. Read More

Nishi-Kasai Introduced Me to Diwali Fest

Diwali Festival is also known as Festival of Lights in India. My husband once told me that Nishi-Kasai is also known as Little Delhi. Nishi-Kasai caters to the biggest population of Indians here in Japan. True enough, Indian culture has been very visible in our place because of several Indian restaurants and food shops. There are also two or three Indian international schools. At night when I bike along Kasai coast, I.. Read More