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An Afternoon at Yanaka Ginza

Yanaka Ginza Day Tour

Right after our trip to Germany and before going to the Philippines, I had about a week to enjoy the last days of summer in Tokyo. My friend, Bang was here for a short visit. Compared to her previous trips, this year we have decided for a more relaxed itinerary. Hachiko and Nezu Shrine My friend loves Hachiko and its story. When she first visited Japan, a photo with Hachiko.. Read More

Exciting Ikspiari Experience

Iskpiari is a mall right outside Tokyo Disneyland. Most of the time, I only pass by there when I get off the Disney Train on my way to Maihama Station. Two weeks ago, I was able to get a full Ikspiari experience! My friend Julia was in town for a week-long vacation with her husband. They used to live here in Nishi-Kasai for almost a decade before they decided to go.. Read More

Lost in Tokyo

Lost.. I literally got lost two weeks ago in Tokyo! I was on my way to submit my passport to an authorised Canadian liaison office in Minato-ku, Tokyo but it took me sometime to find their building. After my 5-minute transaction at the said office, I still have more than 3 hours to burn before going to Hikawadai for my class. I decided to continue being lost instead… Since Tokyo Tower.. Read More