Wanders and Flowers

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Spring Walk in Edogawa

Edogawa never stops to amaze me. Although we have been here for almost four years now, there is always something new that we discover or learn about the place as well as the Japanese culture and traditions. Last weekend, my husband and I had new discoveries when we went for our first spring walk this year. We walked towards Shinkawa, a small canal that connects Edogawa River and Nakagawa River. We.. Read More

Chrysanthemum: Japan’s Symbol for Autumn

The temperature starts to drop down…cool wind begins to blow.. the leaves turn red and yellow. Signs that autumn is finally here! In Japan, another indication that it is autumn is the abundance of chrysanthemums. Different types of different colors can be found in the stores and even in the gardens. Chrysanthemum of kiku is Japan’s national flower and used as the official seal of the emperor. ┬áLast Monday my.. Read More