Wanders and Flowers

because the world is beautiful...

Nature Walk in Oji City

With the temperature starting to warm up and with some free Mondays, my husband and I went to Oji City for an afternoon walk sometime last February. Still in Central Tokyo but away from the big crowds, Oji offers a different good solitude ambiance. I have learned about interesting places to visit in Oji through Find My Tokyo Challenge launched my Tokyo Metro Subway. And we are so happy to.. Read More

Spring Walk in Edogawa

Edogawa never stops to amaze me. Although we have been here for almost four years now, there is always something new that we discover or learn about the place as well as the Japanese culture and traditions. Last weekend, my husband and I had new discoveries when we went for our first spring walk this year. We walked towards Shinkawa, a small canal that connects Edogawa River and Nakagawa River. We.. Read More