Wanders and Flowers

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Japanese Spring Means Hanami and Picnics

Japanese Spring might be gloomy and cold this year. But that doesn’t mean we will just stay inside our house and be lazy ­čśë It is one of my most awaited time of the year to enjoy hanami and picnics with our friends. Hanami or flower viewing is a Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers especially when the sakuras (cherry blossoms) are in full bloom. It came.. Read More

Welcoming Spring here in Japan

Spring is here! And what better way to celebrate it? Flowers!!! It is the time of the year when flowers start to bloom here and there. I always look forward to the nice spring weather here in Japan. Flowers bloom almost everywhere – gardens, parks, roadsides, etc. For the past weeks, I have learned some significant flowers used in┬ávarious Japanese celebrations welcoming spring. First of which is the Suisen or.. Read More

My Pink Garden this Spring!

Hello Spring! Hello nice weather! These past few days, weather starts to become a bit warm especially at noon, which means that spring is just around the corner. As excited as I am to see Japan’s beauty is spring again, I am also excited to have some hours gardening at our balcony. I did not intend it but yesterday when I was rearranging my plants I noticed that most of.. Read More