Wanders and Flowers

because the world is beautiful...

Spring Blossoms and New Techniques

Spring blossoms are here again! Quite early still but since mid-January we have already some in our flower sets. And last Tuesday, I am very happy to find some sweet peas and peach blossoms. Spring Blossoms Ikebana This year, my peach stems have finally bloomed. I usually get those that have big buds but never open. Please note however that they were in full bloom a day after I took.. Read More

Shapes: An Important Factor in Ikebana

Shapes are as important as choosing materials when making Ikebana arrangements. Under the Sogetsu School of Ikebana, a student first learn how to form an imaginary triangle by properly placing the three major stems (Shin, Soe, Hikae) in the kenzan. After that, he or she will be asked to create arrangements using repeating shapes and curves. In addition to this, there are also lessons that give importance to the shape of the.. Read More