Wanders and Flowers

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Quince : A Symbol of Love and Sincerity

Quince may not be celebrated similar to ume (plum blossoms) or sakura (cherry blossoms). But this thorny vibrant-red flower is as popular in Asian poetry and paintings. In Japanese arts and literature, this flower symbolises love and sincerity. It welcomes the spring season with vibrant red; dainty pink; or elegant white. The Japanese Quince is on my list of materials that I want to have in my Ikebana this year… Read More

Life Lessons from Doing Ikebana

Life Lessons iand Ikebana

For most of us, it is innate to find life lessons from what we do –  a hobby an adventure, or our daily routine. The desire to find what we can learn from doing something is always there. Since I started learning and practicing Ikebana, I try to connect the Ikebana techniques I learned to everyday life. However, it is not until recently that I become conscious of connecting the.. Read More

All-rounder Ikebana in Progression

An all-rounder Ikebana arrangement is one of the key lessons when learning Ikebana especially under Sogetsu School. It is an arrangement that can be viewed from all side. For some, this arrangement is a bit of a challenge because the balance and space should be maintained from all angles without making the whole arrangement monotonous. This means that movement should also be considered while doing an all-rounder. During my days.. Read More

Finding a Deeper Meaning of Ikebana

Meaning of Ikebana.. A friend once asked what is the meaning of Ikebana arrangements that I made. At first I said that most of my arrangements depicts happy scenes of nature like a serene pond; a mountain in spring; or a lushful forest. Although I was able to provide the concept, I knew that it is not enough. Like other forms of art, those who can appreciate other people’s works try to.. Read More

Steel Grass and Carnations

Steel grass is a very unique yet versatile plant for flower arrangements. Every time me and my husband make our after lunch walk along Shinsui Park behind Tokyo Communication Arts (TCA) College, I am always intrigued by a small bunch of steel grass planted beside the small rice paddy. I always tell my husband that my desire to cut some of the grass and use it for my Ikebana arrangement… Read More