Wanders and Flowers

because the world is beautiful...

Philippine Flora in Ikebana

The Philippine fauna offers about 3000 plant species from giant trees to mosses and lichens. This is due to its rich volcanic rich soil, bright sunshine, and sufficient rain all through the year. I especially like the variety of architectural foliage that gives strong impact to the flower arrangements. Hence whenever I have the chance to visit my home country, I always try to create an Ikebana or two using.. Read More

All-rounder Ikebana in Progression

An all-rounder Ikebana arrangement is one of the key lessons when learning Ikebana especially under Sogetsu School. It is an arrangement that can be viewed from all side. For some, this arrangement is a bit of a challenge because the balance and space should be maintained from all angles without making the whole arrangement monotonous. This means that movement should also be considered while doing an all-rounder. During my days.. Read More