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2016 Memories to Cherish

2016 memories may be a mixture of good and bad events. This year, the world witnessed a lot of sadness, loss, and disappointments. A few days from now, we will all say goodbye to 2016. Though most of us would likely leave all the negativities behind, I am bringing this year’s good things as we welcome the new year. 2016 Memories to Cherish All through this year, my husband and I.. Read More

Tryin’ the Gel Nail Art

First was the regular polish nail art then we levelled up to gel nail. This is the second time that I accompanied my friend Jezza as she took her license exam for nail art. Same as the first one, she is the nailist and I am her model. But this time the venue was in Oimachi, a station away from Shinagawa via Kehin Tohoku Line. But compared to last time, we were.. Read More

2015 Highlights: A Year Full of Adventures

2015.. Just a few days ago I was so excited to say good bye to you. But today, I am already missing you. We made so many happy memories together; faced a lot of challenges; and met a lot of nice people along the way. As I try to figure out what I should do with 2016, let me first look back to some of our fun memories. 1. A.. Read More