Wanders and Flowers

because the world is beautiful...

My Birthday Ikebana

Last Monday some of my friends visited me at home to celebrate my birthday. I prepared some of my favorite foods like lasagna and Mango Coconut cake which we shared over lunch. Here in Japan it is usual to give flowers as birthday gifts. I received a rose and a small bouquet of assorted flowers from them. To show my appreciation, I made an Ikebana using these flowers. I also.. Read More

Sticks and Stone

After doing my special lessons one Tuesday afternoon, I was about to throw my leftover materials when my sensei asked me to make another one. I was left with some Horsetail grass and a bunch of white Mums. It took me a while before I was able to come up with a design. And since I already used the vases I brought, I needed to borrow one from my friend.. Read More

Pots and Bowls for Ikebana

I often recommend to my friends outside Japan to use pots and bowls for Ikebana. Shallow vases or containers for this purpose are not that easy to findunless you are an Ikebana student or practitioner who has access to different schools or groups. A few weeks ago, I tried to share my Ikebana with a friend who is living in Europe at the moment. I sent her a set of instructions.. Read More

Garden in My Ikebana

Garden? I myself was surprised that I can actually have one here in Tokyo. As I mentioned in my previous posts about my garden, I do not really have a green thumb. Growing plants especially from seeds has always been and still a great challenge for me. However, studying Ikebana has encouraged me somehow to try my best. My initial intention was to have access to materials for my Ikebana especially.. Read More

Typhoon Vongfong: Beauty Amidst the Storm

Typhoon Vongfong. Yesterday was again a challenge for Japan as the said typhoon hit the country with its strong wind and heavy rainfalls. Although the rain stopped this morning and sun is brightly shining, the strong wind is still making difficult for me to even open my door. As my friend and I biked our way to Seishincho Community Centre for our Ikebana class, we were almost blown away by the.. Read More