Wanders and Flowers

because the world is beautiful...

Sweet Scents of Spring: Freestyle Ikebana

Sweet scents fill the air as the weather becomes warmer. The sidewalks and gardens become colorful with different blooms. Signs that spring is indeed here! As we wait for the sakura trees to fully bloom, bright and fragrant flowers give an early spring vibe.   One of the things I love about spring is the abundance of fragrant flowers. Be in the park; sidewalk; or flower shop, their sweet scents.. Read More

Pastel Colors and Branches

Pastel colors always give me a hint that spring is just around the corner. Flowers here and there start to bloom welcoming the warm sunshine and nice cool air. Different shades of pink and yellow blend nicely with the fresh greens and bright whites. Since the first week of February, our Ikebana class receive a lot of flowers in pastel colors. We also get a handful of branches to match with… Read More

Autumn Arrangements: Leaves, Fruits, Stems

Autumn is officially here! Still a bit humid but relatively better than summer weather. As the temperature starts to drop down little by little, the leaves also start to change its colors. I am excited to see red Momijis (Japanese maple) and bright yellow Ginko leaves very soon! At the moment most leaves are still dark green. But compared to other seasons, leaves; stems; and berry plants are abundant in the flower.. Read More

Wind As Element in Ikebana

Wind..invisible to the eye yet gives a strong feeling to a person. Its cool breeze relaxes a tired soul while its strong blow gives fear to a vulnerable heart. It is also one of the elements that distinguish Ikebana from other flower arrangements. During the early stages of my Ikebana study, I learned that wind and space as an element are as important as the materials I use in making my arrangements… Read More

Beauty from Trash

On my way home last Monday, I noticed an old man trimming a pine tree in front of their house. What got my attention more were the cuttings laying on the ground. I walked near him and asked if I can take some of the cuttings. Although I can see that he is curious why a gaijin (foreigner) asking for such, he was glad to allow me pick up some stems. He.. Read More