Wanders and Flowers

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Narita: A Stop Away from the Airport

Narita is famous outside and inside Japan because of its huge airport. However, the city itself is a good place to visit to. Every time I go to and from airport, I always wonder what is beyond the gates of Narita Station. To answer my curiosity, I was able to lure my husband to join me going there last Sunday. From our place, we took Tozai Line from Nishi-Kasai to.. Read More

Reminiscing: The Fascinating Sankeien Garden

One of the admirable things I love about Japan is the people’s passion for gardens.┬áIt has been part of the culture, traditions, and everyday life of the people. And since we have a long holiday at the moment because of Golden Week, my husband and I decided to go to Yokohama to visit the Sankeien Garden. It has been seven years since I last visited this garden but its beauty.. Read More