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Hanabi Festivals Near Nishi-Kasai

Summer is the season for Hanabi festivals in Japan. It means people get to enjoy watching beautiful fireworks display with some beer, cold drinks, and snacks. Every year, several of these festivals take place all over Tokyo.   About five years or so, it has been a tradition for us to go to some of these fireworks festivals. From our place here in Nishi-Kasai, we have good access to two.. Read More

Fireworks Viewing in Tokyo

Fireworks. I guess I will never get tired of enjoying its beauty although I can hear and see some every night from Tokyo Disneyland. Yes, one of the perks living here in Nishi-Kasai. We can see and hear the Tokyo Disneyland fireworks every night at exactly 8:30. Not fully seen but quite visible from our balcony. But this doesn’t stop me from getting excited to go and see the Hanabi or fireworks every year. Hanabi.. Read More