Wanders and Flowers

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Hiroshima : A Summer Well Spent

On board Nozomi N700 Shinkansen (bullet train), my husband and I headed to Hiroshima last Monday for a three-day holiday spree. Finally we were able to set a common time to have our week-long vacation together. We chose Hiroshima because of its history, relaxing environment, and a lot of interesting sightseeing spots. Hiroshima in Summer  We reached Hiroshima city around lunchtime but since we were too early to check-in in our.. Read More

Creating Green Space in Our Balcony

Back in Manila despite my efforts to grow a small plant, I always ended up wondering why I cannot do it. My cousins would tease me that my hands are better with cut flowers rather than those with roots. And so after several years of trying to create my dream herb garden, I have slowly accepted my fate that we are not meant to be. Moving here in Tokyo shed.. Read More

Starter Tips to Enjoy the Land of the Rising Sun

It is quite interesting to know that a lot of people I met find travelling to Japan as very challenging. Not only because of the language and the high cost of living. But also the strict implementation of laws and difficulty in getting a visa. But still, a lot of the people I know put Japan in their bucket list. Although I just returned here in Japan less than a.. Read More