Wanders and Flowers

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Cooking with our Neighbors

Cooking with our neighbors is one of the great things that we have experienced here in Tokyo. Befriending your neighbors here in Tokyo is not very common. Some of my friends have not even seen the face of the person living next to them. Maybe because most of the people here are busy juggling with work and their own lives. Hence, we are very grateful that we are close friends.. Read More

Learning How to Cook: From Cans to “I Can”

Cook? Who would have thought that I would be able┬áto do that. Back in 2008, I was big fan of canned, processed, or take-out foods. Decent meals were usually made by my parents or aunts. I bake but I don’t cook. My motto was: If it is not fried, I did not make it. But I guess being away from home has influenced me a lot to force my self.. Read More

Learning the Japanese Traditions

Japanese traditions. What better way to know them? Through food!!! Every year since I joined the Ikebana class in Seishincho Community Center, I always look forward to attending the New Year Tea Party hosted by our sensei or teacher. Aside from having a more casual time with my other colleagues, I also learn a lot about Japanese traditions from our sensei. Although I have already attended a tea ceremony before.. Read More