Wanders and Flowers

because the world is beautiful...

Koyo or Autumn Colors Viewing in Tokyo

Koyo viewing is a must-try if you are in Japan around late October to early December. It is similar to Hanami in spring but instead of flowers people admire the colorful leaves in autumn. This year, the leaves changed colors a little later than expected. Maybe because of the changing climate. I did not have enough chance to visit several places for Koyo last month because of the exhibition. But.. Read More

Mount Takao: Admiring Autumn in Tokyo

After a busy week and some rainy weekends, my husband and I were happy to have a great weather last Saturday Рsunny yet not too hot for a walk. Hence, we decided to go for a hike in Mount Takao. Although I have been there already last year, our hike was another new experience. From Nishi-Kasai station, we took the Tozai line going to Nakano. Then we changed to Chuo Rapid.. Read More