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Sweet Scents of Spring: Freestyle Ikebana

Sweet scents fill the air as the weather becomes warmer. The sidewalks and gardens become colorful with different blooms. Signs that spring is indeed here! As we wait for the sakura trees to fully bloom, bright and fragrant flowers give an early spring vibe.


One of the things I love about spring is the abundance of fragrant flowers. Be in the park; sidewalk; or flower shop, their sweet scents fill the air.  It starts with the daphnes around late February to early March. These small cluster flowers give a strong scent especially at night.


Sweet Scents
Daphne Flowers Waiting to Bloom


And when the sun becomes brighter, yellow and white narcissus sprout beautifully along with hyacinths and freesias.


Sweet Scents for Freestyle Ikebana

For my Ikebana exercises this week, I thought of bringing the spring vibe into our home. I created two Ikebana arrangements highlighting hyacinths and freesias. My first arrangement is intended to be viewed from all sides. I combined white and lavender hyacinths, yellow freesias, and light pink carnations.


Enjoying the Spring Scent with Hyacinths, Freesias, and Carnations


My second arrangement highlights the bright yellow freesias in contrast with the dark purple stock flowers and orange gerberas. The lemony scent of the freesia complement very well with the delicate scent of the stock flowers.


Spring Ikebana Arrangement Using Freesia, Gerbera, Golden Rod, and Stock Flowers




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