Flowers and Ikebana

Sunflowers for My Birthday

Sunflowers symbolize happiness, warmth, life, and vitality. It also represents loyalty and strong bonds. For this week’s Ikebana, I used sunflowers for my family and friends who made my day special.  Thank you for all your lovely and warm greetings!


Sunflowers as My Way of Saying Thank You

My first arrangement is a basic Moribana which is the first lesson I learned when I started studying Ikebana. In this arrangement, I used Sunflowers,  white Ginger Lilies, Goldenrod, purple Thistles, and some green leaves. Unfortunately, I cannot find the name of the leaves. Will try to research more about it next time. I made this arrangement as my way of thanking my family and friends for supporting me in doing Ikebana.

For my Family and Friends


The next arrangement is also for my family and friends who make me smile despite the loneliness of being away. Distance was shortened by the warm greetings and stories that they share every day.

Sunflowers for My Happy Family and Friends


As I welcome another year, I am excited and confident that they will always be there during my ups and downs. For that, I am truly grateful and blessed. Thank you for making my day special!

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