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Summer Feels Brought Inside

It’s summer season once again here in Tokyo! Despite the cloudy and a bit rainy weather we have this week, the humid air tells me it is summer indeed. It is the time of the year when I dream of sitting under a coconut tree and enjoying the pearly beach back home. Unfortunately it is now monsoon season in the Philippines. Inspired by the season and the photo above, I created several Ikebana arrangements to bring the summer vibe inside our home.


Summer in Ikebana


My first arrangement highlights the fine grasses that are abundant during the hot season. The Prairie Dropseed grass has some tiny rust-tan flowers that blend well with the Sea Lavender statice below. I also added a small light pink periwinkle from our garden. Pink gerberas and light pink carnation were also placed to give a solid contrast. These flowers also complement the pink peonies on the vase.


Summer Ikebana
Grasses Remind Me of Tokyo Summer


For my next arrangement, I used palm leaves, a young pineapple, and white calla lilies to bring in the tropical vice in our home. I added some small alliums  to create  fun lines. And some short Golden Rod flowers at the bottom to add mass. Dark pink carnations give a bright contrast against the white lilies and green leaves. It also complements the color of the pineapple.


Summer Ikebana
Tropical Vibe Using Palm Leaves, Young Pineapple, Alliums, and Calla Lilies


Summer is not summer without sunflowers! Hence I made them the star of my third arrangement. Big and small sunflowers in bright yellow give a great contrast against the green Dracena leaves and blue thistles. For my lines, I placed some snake grass in repeating shapes.



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