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Suhot Cave and Springs: A Hidden Oasis in Capiz

After our family rituals and gathering for my dad’s first year death anniversary, we have decided to do some sightseeing nearby Calinog, Iloilo. One of my cousins suggested Suhot which is known for its spring water and cave. From Calinog, it is about 30-45 minutes drive towards Dumalag, Capiz.

Although it was a long drive, the view was fascinating. Different shades of green from both sides and we almost have the road to ourselves.

Exploring Suhot Springs

From the main road, it tooks us about 5 minutes more to reach the resort gate. It was not hard to miss because the resort is at the end of the canopy road.

Tall trees welcomed us at Suhot

Suhot Springs with cool water from the cave

The background alone was beautiful with all the trees towering from the mountain side. And in the middle, is a big natural pool flowing from the nearby cave.

Picturesque view of Suhot Cave and Springs

My cousin Monique braving the cold spring water

Suhot Cave

A closer look of the cave

There are gazebos on both sides of the pool and small rooms for those who want to stay overnight. The resort has a mini-zoo and a grotto in the upper part. They also offer different activities such as hiking, and spelunking.

A place to rest and enjoy picnicking

The grotto with the hiking trail behind

So next time you are in the area, be sure to spend some time in this beautiful oasis.

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