Flowers and Ikebana

Spring Flowers in Winter

Spring flowers are quite early this year. Maybe because winter is a bit warm at the moment here in Tokyo. There were already a lot of spring flowers on display at our usual flower shops – poppies, irises, tulips, and narcissus. Even the flowers of sakura tree in my garden is nearly in bloom. It is not that I despise having them at this time of the year. In fact, I am excited to use their vibrant colors and variety. However, this is also an indicator that we might have hotter summer this year than the usual very humid Tokyo summer! Urrggghh!!!

Spring Flowers for This Week’s Ikebana


For our Ikebana this week, I was able to buy a handful of poppies last Tuesday. I planned to use them for one of my arrangements during our special lesson with our sensei. And because I still want to have a winter feeling in my arrangement, I chose those which are still in bud form. The following morning, almost all of them already popped! Unfortunately, I was a bit lazy to run to the flower shop to buy new ones. So, I used the full-bloomed poppies instead. To my surprise, it did not ruin my winter Ikebana! The flowers even gave a lively feeling to the whole arrangement.

With winter as a my theme, I used fine twigs without leaves and arranged them to mimic a forest scene during this season. Poppies in different hues were added to give some color drops without overpowering the “winter forest.”

spring flowers
Winter Forest Arrangement Using Fine Stems and Poppies


Using some leftover flowers, I made another similar arrangement highlighting only one type of material – the poppies. I placed them in a vase shaped like a log. I added the stems of poppy flowers for some green color instead of leaves to keep the winter vibe.


Ikebana Arrangement Using One Type of Material
Ikebana Arrangement Using One Type of Material


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