Flowers and Ikebana

Small Vases Big Impact

I rarely use small vases when I make Ikebana. I find them challenging because it limits the number of fresh materials I can use. Which most of the time one or two stems of flowers or leaves max.  On the other hand, I find it enjoyable placing flowers in small containers. It is like playing with Lego or Nanoblock.


Creating Ikebana Using Small Vases 

My first attempt to create Ikebana using small vases was during our Okaeri Exhibition in 2016. My friend”s vases are smaller than the usual  ones I use. In one of the arrangements, I combined his vase with a petite glass bottle placed on a wooden plate.


Small Vases Ikebana
Miniature Ikebana using Purple Mums, Camellia leaves, and Light Pink Periwinkle


Last Tuesday, I found a couple of small vases at 100-yen shop after our morning Ikebana class.  As I bike home, my mind was already imagining possible designs using the vases. Luckily I found the fresh materials I need from the nearby flower shop.


Combining Two Vases for A Bonsai-Inspired Ikebana


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