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Marga confides her secrets to Isidro. Carlota and her friends respond to a plea for help. Carlota visits the western front with James, to Óscar's chagrin. After a tragedy, Lidia fights for a loved one, Carlota finds her voice, Ángeles works undercover and Marga discovers unexpected things about herself. Katja and William meet Branco's family. 12/12. Undercover Deutsch K.C. Shifting plans and startling revelations create chaos on Christmas Eve. Juli. ... Charmed Staffel 1 (2018) Ansehen: 7,031. HD Fast and Furious: Spy Racers Staffel 2 (2020) Ansehen: 1,327. Katja gets romantic advice from an unlikely source. Knightfall (Staffel 2) – 13. Above her hangs a small doll made of chestnuts. Carlota works to get Sara released from jail. Lidia's desperation worries Carlos and spurs Francisco to offer support. As Lisa agonizes over an impossible decision, Patrik spends time with Omid. Everything changes for Ángeles. Carmen creates a deception while Carlos continues to keep Lidia in the dark. : VÖ: Ab 05.10.2018 auf Netflix! Ángeles finds herself cornered. Lidia's former enemy returns. Sara reveals a secret to Carlota. Martin finds an unlikely new job. A Mesoamerican warrior princess embarks on a quest to recruit three legendary fighters to help save the world of gods -- and humankind. Lidia and Carlos argue over a loved one's medical treatment. A phone call gives Lidia a hunch on Eva's whereabouts. Lidia gets a tempting offer. As Lisa and Patrik take their relationship to the next level, mishaps, money troubles and a startling revelation leave the whole family reeling. Staffel der Drama Die zwölf Geschworenen aus dem Jahr 2019 mit Maaike Cafmeyer, Maaike Neuville und Tom Vermeir. Carlota gets news about Miguel. Rebellious kids. Plagued by back pain, Martin asks Lisa and Patrik to keep the kids during his week -- but drops Eddie off at their house with an unwelcome new pet. Starring Kevin James. When LA is invaded by outside forces and becomes a walled-in settlement, a former FBI agent and his wife risk everything to find their lost son. Carolina threatens to reveal who Lidia really is. Six months later, new management shakes things up, the friends commit a dark deed, Lidia faces romantic backlash, and Sara reveals her true self. Um die Welt mit Zac Efron – 10. Set-top Boxes. Ausgerechnet ihre frühere Nemesis Marissa Wiegle hilft der jungen Frau. While Lisa and Martin lock horns over the plans for Bianca's graduation party, Patrik frets over a request from his father. Elisa discloses Carlos' fate. Lidia notices a crucial difference between Carlos and Francisco. With Carlota's future looking perilous, Óscar starts falsifying evidence to get her out of prison. Tasked to deliver a package that could end world war, six soldiers must skate across a frozen sea, unaware of what they’re carrying. Carlos fights with his father. Marga has a horrible realization. Taking that into consideration if another 12 episodes are produced for the season 2 it could take a long time for P.A. Undercover Folge 2 K.C. Works to develop it. With her friends' help, Lidia puts her plan into action. Die Episode "Frie" ist die 1. Carlos is surprised by his friend's condition. The Henrik situation leaves both William and Patrik rattled. Netflix und Drittanbieter verwenden Cookies . Die internationalen Vermarktungsrechte sicherte sich Netflix, ab … Before the criminal empire. To protect her child, Ángeles accepts a deal with Guzmán. Bianca learns a family secret. As Martin adjusts to life with a new partner and a baby, Lisa and Patrik grapple with difficult news, and Katja reconnects with an old flame. April 2019 statt, in Belgien strahlte der öffentlich-rechtliche Fernsehsender Eén Die zwölf Geschworenen beginnend mit dem 3. As Martin and new partner Sima prepare to welcome a baby, Lisa navigates a whirlwind of emotions. When the prison break is set in motion, the team faces unforeseen consequences. As the situation escalates, Lidia tries to get to Eva, Marga shocks Pablo, Carlota takes a risk, Ángeles learns a truth and Francisco attempts a rescue. As her memory starts to slowly come back, Carlota's friends try to clear her name. As Martin obsesses over his health, an invitation to a costume party leads to hurt feelings and awkward encounters. Directed by Günter Gräwert. After a hookup turns awkward, Martin rethinks his approach to dating. Guilt-stricken Marga goes into seclusion. Twelve men must decide the fate of one when one juror objects to the jury's decision. Lidia is used to being a thief, but now she must steal in order to save her life. Marga learns Pablo is hiding a delicate problem. After a disastrous joint birthday party for their two sons from previous marriages, Lisa and Patrik attend a group therapy session with their exes. Pablo shows Marga his undying love. Carlota becomes suspicious of Sara. Action-Thriler, ab dem 3. Francisco gives Lidia space, while Carlos gives her a surprise. Marga falls ill while running a dangerous errand. Die zwölf Geschworenen Staffel 2: Wird es nach diesem Ende eine Fortsetzung geben? Die zwölf Geschworenen (OT: De Twaalf) ist eine belgische Dramaserie, in der 12 Geschworene in einem heiklen Gerichtsprozess über Schuld oder Unschuld entscheiden müssen. Starring Mirai Moriyama. Lidia is confused and hurt by Carlos's betrayal. Juli bei Prime Video: In Staffel 2 riskiert Hanna ihre Freiheit, um ihre Freundin Clara aus den Fängen des Utrax-Programms zu befreien. Game Consoles. Carlota finds a way to promote her cause. Im November gibt es wieder ein paar Serienstarts bei Netflix. Miguel tells Carlota she must decide about their relationship. High Seas Staffel 2, Wir sind die Welle, Merry Happy Whatever, Modern Family und auch wieder eines an Animes. Lidia's defiance gets her into trouble at the prison camp, while Francisco concocts a plan to free her. Im Fokus der Serie stehen 12 Geschworene, die über das Schicksal der Schulleiterin Fri Palmers entscheiden sollen, die des zweifachen Mordes angeklagt wird. Eddie's mounting problems at school draw Lisa and Martin into a showdown with other parents from the class, leaving Patrik in a tricky position. HD Die Erben der Nacht (2019) Ansehen: 2,969. An archivist hired to restore a collection of tapes finds himself reconstructing the work of a filmmaker and her investigation into a dangerous cult. Francisco's wife is suspicious and asks Carolina for help. Juli 2020. Lidia returns to Spain to try and find Sofía with the help of her close friends, as they all grapple with the consequences of the Spanish Civil War. Sara seeks medical advice. In 1980s Amsterdam, a family starts the first-ever phone sex line — but being in the business of sexual desires leads them to question their own. Complications arise with Marga when Julio impersonates housebound Pablo, who sneaks back to work. Based on a true story. As unpaid bills pile up, Patrik obsesses over cash that's gone missing from his wallet. Lidia makes a heartbreaking decision in order to protect Eva. William surprises his parents with an unusual request, Martin faces a fresh crisis, and a dinner party turns uncomfortable for Lisa and Patrik. Ángeles must deflect Guzmán's suspicion of a mole. Meanwhile, Lidia returns to work and Ángeles pitches an idea to her. Amid a flurry of family debates over chores, boarding school and living arrangements, Eddie and Wille share a hair-raising night. Henrik helps Katja out of a bind. The crew chief in a NASCAR garage finds himself at odds with the tech-reliant millennials brought in to modernize the team. Kein Zweifel, dass so manch­er Net­flix­er sich nach dem ner­ve­naufreiben­den Finale fra­gen dürfte, ob „Die zwölf Geschwore­nen” eine Staffel 2 auf dem Stream­ing-Por­tal spendiert bekom­men wer­den. In Deutschland wurde die Serie am 10. Carlos and Lidia encounter trouble in their search for Sofía. A different doctor gives Lidia new hope. Die Uraufführung fand im Rahmen des Canneseries-Festival am 8. Lisa and Patrik decide to take a big step -- despite the kids' objections. Special diets and a family meeting stoke tensions at Lisa and Patrik's house. Eddie gives his tutor the slip. The friends begin concocting a plan to free Óscar from prison and Marga turns to Pablo for assistance. Blanca Suárez, Yon González, Ana Fernández, Cable Girls: Final Season: Part 2 (Trailer). Die zwölf Geschworenen – 10. Carlos learns his mother's car was sabotaged and confronts Lidia. PCs & Laptops. November 2019 aus. When it comes to storyline, there isn’t much of an obvious direction that season 2 could go in. Carlota decides what to do with her inheritance. Frank Lammers and Elise Schaap star. Amid social changes in 1931, the friends get tangled in a murder mystery and must work together to solve it before one of them is sentenced to death. With Martin in a funk, Lisa agonizes over finalizing the divorce papers. Streaming Media Players. With Aglaja Brix, Vijessna Ferkic, Aurelia Stern, Julian Paeth. Zb. Elisa reveals a startling secret as more of Lidia's friends are endangered. Netflix: Neu im Juli! Henrik helps Wille out of an awkward situation. 100% Kostenlos Online 3000+ Serien Marga realizes who betrayed her. Lisa runs out of patience with Emma, Branco crashes with Katja and William, and Martin makes an unsettling discovery in Bianca's room. Lisa and Patrik struggle to come to terms with difficult news, and a naming ceremony for Josef leaves Bigge feeling sidelined. While Lisa frets over Bianca's behavior, Martin tries to make up for his botched date. An unexpected ally seeking the ultimate revenge helps Lidia try and enact her plan to free all the prisoners from the women's prison camp. Katja's relationship with Branco takes an unexpected turn. The world has turned Upside Down. Du brauchst nichts herunerzuladen, relaxe und gucke deine Lieblingsfilme an 8 Fotos und 4 Poster für den Film Die 12 Geschworenen von Sidney Lumet mit Henry Fonda, Martin Balsam, John Fiedler. Elvis trades in his jumpsuit for a jetpack when he joins a secret government spy program to help battle the dark forces that threaten the country. With Heini Göbel, Herbert Bötticher, Siegfried Lowitz, Ernst Fritz Fürbringer. As Bianca and Martin come to terms with their new reality, Lisa and Patrik head to an emergency therapy session, and Emma stirs up yet more trouble. Noomi Rapace stars. Adapted from the acclaimed novel. Teil 1 vom 1. Created by Sanne Nuyens, Bert Van Dael. Martin succumbs to a drunken impulse. Netflix unterstützt die Prinzipien der Digital Advertising Alliance. Lisa urges Ingmar to share his news with Patrik, Martin takes a side job to save money for a house, and Wille invites Katja on an outing with Henrik. Óscar and Carlota risk their journalistic integrity in exchange for helping Lidia with Sofía. Martin helps Tessan redo her apartment. Die deutsche Serie "Dark" geht in die finale Runde, denn die 3. Lidia and Francisco visit an orphanage to gather info. Zu Beginn der Serie befinden wir uns im Gericht, es werden die 12 Geschworenen ernannt, die im Jahrhundertprozess gegen Frie Palmers wegen dem Mord an … Marga gets a surprise visit from an in-law. A young woman is found brutally murdered in a Copenhagen playground. An unlikely ally is enlisted to try to free Óscar. Ángeles learns Inspector Cuevas's weakness. Erfahren Sie mehr über unsere Verwendung von Cookies und Informationen. Carlos and Francisco negotiate an alliance. Different hopes propel each of the women into the workplace. Marga helps Julio cover Pablo's job. Named Spain's best online show at the 2017 Ondas Awards. Ángeles learns who's been spooking her. Undercover HD K.C. Ángeles takes a risky step in order to learn the witness's identity. Undercover German K.C. 8/8. Ángeles learns more about Mario's infidelity. In 1920s Madrid, four women at the National Telephone Company ring in revolution as they manage romance, friendship and the modern workplace. Emma's suspicions prompt Lisa to do some soul-searching. Twelve ordinary people are called for jury duty for a murder case as traumatizing as it is controversial in which a woman stands trial for killing her own blood. The King Eternal Monarch season 2: Storyline. - 12. With Luc De Ruelle, Maaike Neuville, Tom Vermeir, Peter Gorissen. Pablo looks for ways to avoid enlisting. When the final phase of their escape plan is threatened, Lidia, Carlota, Marga and Óscar make a momentous decision together. K.C. Meanwhile, Lisa offers Sima parenting advice, Katja makes a bold move, and Martin courts trouble at work. Episode der 1. Lidia decides she should be honest with Carlos about her identity. Pablo goes missing. Marga worries about what she saw at the party. A promise to the kids comes back to haunt Lisa, Patrik embarks on a manly project with the boys, and Martin's plans to buy an apartment hit a snag. Mehr dazu auf Netzwelt. Patrik's dad springs a surprise on the family. Finde Bildergalerie für den Film Die 12 Geschworenen. Laut Showrunner Baran bo Odar müssen Fans aber keine zwei Jahre auf die … Jealous exes. Ángeles tries to earn Pedro Guzmán's trust. Undercover Staffel 1 K.C. During a visit from his father, Patrik has a sudden revelation. xCine.TV ist eine Webseite mit täglichen Updates zu qualitativ hochwertigen Filmen, Kinofilmen und serien stream, absolut kostenlos. When Lisa finally tells Bianca the truth, a tense night unfolds for the whole family. Lidia turns the tables on her captor. Smartphones & Tablets. Netflix Top 10: Das sind die Serien- und Filmhighlights vom 21.12.2020 Netflix beschenkt alle "The Witcher"-Fans mit einem Update zum kommenden "The Witcher"-Film "Nightmare of the Wolf"! Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 03.11.2019. A visit from Patrik's father adds to brewing tensions as the holidays approach. When Lisa cuts back her hours to focus on her art show, the family is stuck with a spending ban. Indem Sie auf „Akzeptieren“ klicken, akzeptieren Sie die Verwendung aller Cookies und Ihrer Informationen für die oben genannten Zwecke. A string of unexpected events on New Year's Eve brings everyone closer. The new rotary technology divides Lidia's loyalties, and she is forced to choose between Carlos and her friends. November 2019 auf dem beligischem TV-Sender Eén veröffentlicht wurde. „Die zwölf Geschworenen – Staffel 1“ // Deutschland-Start: 10. Carlota responds to her attackers. New flames. Undercover Serien K.C. Lidia gets news that complicates her choice between Francisco and Carlos. Carlota tries desperately to escape from her captor. Martin and Katja each take cautious steps forward in their social lives. Lidia is desperate to save her imprisoned friend. Juli 2020. Staffel soll auch die letzte sein. 8/8. Vera Vitali, Erik Johansson, Fredrik Hallgren, Clara Herngren, Felix Herngren, Moa Herngren, Calle Marthin. When Madrid falls to the Nationalists, Lidia and most of her friends must face widespread grief and devastation, with long-term consequences. Smart TVs. During the king's visit, those fighting for Carlota's cause take drastic measures, forcing her to choose sides. In 1920s Madrid, four women at the National Telephone Company ring in revolution as they manage romance, friendship and the modern workplace. The police are called in when Lidia's identity is questioned. Marga makes a lunch date with Pablo. Carmen targets Lidia's loved ones. Dark's sumptuous second season descends deeper into the show's meticulously-crafted mythos and cements the series as one of … Produktion und Ausstrahlung. Martin lays out a few house rules. The police find a body. Branco whisks Katja off for a spontaneous adventure. Juli 2020. Juli 2020 (Netflix) Die Anschuldigen wiegen schwer, die man Frie Palmers ( Maaike Cafmeyer ) hier macht. Patrik copes with a big change and a financial dilemma. Watch trailers & learn more. Season 2 Dark Critics Consensus. Lisa wrestles with mixed feelings about having Eddie tested for ADHD. HD I May Destroy You (2020) Ansehen: 585. Marisol tries to drive Marga and Pablo apart. Netflix hat Lucifer gerettet und eine 4.Staffel bestellt, doch das war nicht die erste Serie die Netflix nach der eigentlichen Absetzung übernommen hat. Two disturbing murders. Connect to Netflix using your favorite devices. An arrest is made. Patrik begs his dad to get a second opinion. Their modern family is getting bigger -- and messier -- by the day. Die zwölf Geschworenen ist eine von Bert van Dael und Sanne Nuyens entwickelte Dramaserie, die erstmals am 3. A desperate rabbit rallies an unexpected band of allies to help him escape from inside a magician's hat and return to the human boy he loves. Season 2 of La Casa de Papel actually aired as part of a two-part season from May 2017 – November 2017 in Spain, and the first half – a thirteen episode season – landed on Netflix … Watch trailers & learn more. Henrik tries to salvage his friendship with Wille. Watch trailers & learn more. 13/13. Lisa invites Bianca to the Christmas fair. Sofía turns to an old friend for help protecting the prisoners from Carmen. Hallo Ninja (Staffel 3) – 10. Blanca Suárez won a Platino Award for Best Actress in a series. When a prisoner transfer van is attacked, the cop in charge must fight those inside and outside while dealing with a silent foe: the icy temperatures. Blu-ray Players. Several children investigate cases in their city together. Die 1. The plot … Netflix drama Sweet Magnolias ended on a dark note at the end of season one, with a car crash, a cliffhanger, and potential character death for fans to reckon with. A new couple, their exes and their children navigate the emotional challenges and tricky logistics of blended family life in this Swedish dramedy. Neuheiten auf Netflix im Juli 2020 in Deutschland: 7 Highlights! Henrik broaches a sensitive subject with Katja. Lidia leaves New York and returns to Madrid in search of Sofía, who has run away to join the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War. When Lidia's biggest rival uses a prison camp to enact revenge, Lidia and her friends become even more defiant in their fight against Franco's regime. Juli 2020. HD Fast and Furious: Spy Racers (2019) Ansehen: 1,530. Lidia helps Ángeles plan her escape. Romantic intrigue abounds as Martin discovers dating apps, Katja and Henrik team up on a project, and Lisa bumps into Bianca's half-naked beau. Óscar makes a shocking discovery about Dulce. Elite Staffel 1 Trailer German Deutsch Abonniere uns! Lidia directs a cover-up plan, but a theft complicates things and Marga is later caught in a lie. Ganzer Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Complete Stream HD 720p (BLU-RAY) Gerichtsserie Die 12 Geschworenen, B 2020 Mit Maaike Cafmeyer u. a. Zu sehen auf Netflix Carlota's new political career faces a major obstacle as Marga suffers heartbreak. A carefully orchestrated vacation turns chaotic, thanks to brewing resentments, hidden plans and a mechanical breakdown. The Cifuentes family mourns their loss. Ángeles begins teaching classes. Before the police sting. Teil 2 kommt Mitte Juli, mit u.a. Also, the show airs in Japan first before it arrives on Netflix ultimately this is because it gives the studio time to … Twelve everyday citizens must discern the truth and decide her fate. Lidia's friends — both old and new — help her attempt to force Carlos to call Sofía back from the front lines. Francisco offers Lidia a deal. 5/5. Suburra: Blood on Rome (Italian: Suburra - La serie) is an Italian crime drama web television series set in Rome.It is based on the 2015 film Suburra, in turn inspired by the novel of the same name by Giancarlo De Cataldo and Carlo Bonini.The series was developed by Daniele Cesarano and Barbara Petronio for Netflix, making it its first Italian-language original television series. Carmen's calculating plan starts falling into place. Lidia helps end an operator strike. Carlota's fantasies surprise her. Carlota's father interferes with her life. A surprise houseguest and an accident fuel tensions between Patrik and Lisa. As a mom copes with the aftermath of a harrowing accident, she finds inspiration from an injured magpie taken in by her family. Staffel der Serie Die zwölf Geschworenen. Lidia learns Francisco has made a decision. As 1928 turns into 1929, Lidia reports to a new boss, Carlota is blackmailed, Marga gets a hidden surprise, and all three rush to Ángeles's rescue. A friend request with a lost love sends a man back into his memories of the 90s, when life seemed to burn a little brighter. Jetzt Staffel 1 von Die zwölf Geschworenen und weitere Staffeln komplett als gratis HD-Stream mehrsprachig online ansehen. Die CIA-Agentin versucht sowohl sich selbst als auch Hanna vor der skrupellosen Organisation zu schützen, der sie einst vertraut hat. Stranger Things 2 is now streaming on Netflix. How does it all begin for "Undercover" drug lord Ferry Bouman? One woman on trial. Six months later, a catastrophic event deeply affects Lidia, Marga, Carlota, Ángeles and their loved ones. Die besten Website für kostenlose Stream. Marga gets to know her boss better.

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