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Flowers and Ikebana

Simple Ikebana: How to Highlight Simplicity

Simple Ikebana arrangements are what most people have in mind when they hear the word Ikebana. A single flower in a vase may look very easy to make. However, I always find it very challenging. Why? Because the simpler the arrangement, the more I need to think how to showcase the beauty of my material/s. Hence whenever I have the chance, I try to practice making simple arrangements for our home.


Simple Ikebana Arrangements: How to Highlight Simplicity


When creating simple Ikebana arrangements, one must observe carefully his/her main material. Doing so would allow him/her to see which part of the flower, leaf, stem, or other material to highlight. Sometimes it is the color of the leaf; the line of the stem; or the direction where the flower is facing.

One can create a simple arrangement by using just a single flower.


Dainty Single White Iris


Or a combination of flower and leaf.


Simple Ikebana Arrangement
Complementary Colors Using Rose and Bird’s Nest Ferns


It could also be one type of material in different colors.


Dancing Lines Using Orange and Yellow Orange Gerbera


And last but not the least, a cluster of one type of material in different heights.


Iris Flowers for Children’s Day


There are more other ways how to highlight simplicity when making an Ikebana arrangement. But as I always tell my students, highlight the part of a flower or other material which makes you happy when you look at it.

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